InventHelp Patent Services

InventHelp patent services are available to anyone looking to create a new product or service. They work with inventors throughout the process of developing and presenting their ideas to the industry. The company is not interested in giving opinions on your invention, but rather helps you present your idea to the right people. With more than 9000 companies in its database, the help of an experienced inventor can help you bring your idea to life. And they also don’t charge you a dime.

In order to qualify for InventHelp’s patent services, your invention must solve a real problem. The invention should be a new and fresh solution to a common problem. It must also fill a critical gap or offer an edge over existing products. It is vital that the idea be as broad as possible. InventHelp’s expert team will guide you throughout the entire process, from concept to filing for a InventHelp patent invention.

InventHelp’s patent services can help you protect your idea and protect it against other companies. The company works with clients to package their ideas and submit them to a variety of companies. InventHelp will never give you an opinion on your invention. InventHelp will only take a small percentage of your creation as their fee. So, if you are serious about protecting your idea, you might as well hire a professional.

Although you can try to get a patent on your own, it is important to understand the costs associated with a patent application. You can hire an attorney and file a patent on your own – but you could end up spending more than the fee InventHelp charges. As a result, InventHelp recommends that you use an independent attorney to help you with the process. These fees are far lower than what you’d spend on a private lawyer – and the benefits are guide for new inventors.

In addition to assisting inventors, InventHelp also helps inventors obtain patents. This includes helping you package your invention and drafting press releases. Moreover, it also assists you in obtaining a patent. As the largest inventor service provider in the United States, InvestHelp provides free consultations for entrepreneurs. However, it is important to ensure that you select a reputable company for your project. And, remember: The success rate of an invention firm is the key to protecting your idea.

While the company has been in business for 35 years, it has continued to grow. Its headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania employs a diverse team of writers, animators, and researchers. As a result, InventHelp claims to provide the best chance for your invention. Its motto is “Helping innovators turn their ideas into reality”. Its regional offices have 60+ offices nationwide and the company has a dedicated staff in every InventHelp supports new inventors.

As the largest invention submission service in the world, InventHelp is known for its transparency and honesty. Its mission statement states that “honesty is the best policy.” Its website claims that it is the largest invention submission company in the world, but the company names three purported manufacturing companies and two patent attorney firms. As a result, the companies do not guarantee success. In fact, InventHelp doesn’t promise you success – they don’t even make money.

InventHelp has several resources that can help you with your idea. Besides patent services, it also has a Web site that provides inventors with the opportunity to submit their inventions to companies. In this way, InventHelp can help you market your ideas and protect your intellectual property. But if you are an individual, you may not know where to begin. This is where the services of an inventor service company can help you.

InventHelp is dedicated to helping creative minds bring their ideas to the world. The company is a nonprofit corporation, founded by Robert Susa. The fees of InventHelp patent services include the time and effort it saves the inventor. Its fees are affordable and competitive with other patent-filing services. There is also a chance that your invention will be recognized by a major company. And if you want to protect your idea, you need to have a patent.

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