Email Backup Wizard – Save Emails in Minutes

If you wish to backup your emails in any other email account, such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo, then follow the easy step as mentioned below: – Launch Email Backup Wizard from your Windows machine. Select your Email Service Provider in the list. Now, Click “Add” button and fill in all necessary fields.

  • Now, you need to enter all required information. The first and foremost step is to name your backup wizard, so that you can easily recognize it while trying to restore emails in future. Next, click “Save Changes”, so that your changes are saved permanently. After you have saved all changes, you should close Email Backup Wizard.
  • You may also try to take backup using third party email services such as Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Sharepoint. Third-party email account usually provides a lot more security and features than an email account with MS Exchange. If you are using such email services, you will need to install an additional plug-in or software to take backup and restore emails in Outlook or Excel. You can download one from Microsoft’s website. You should install the plug-in and allow it to run whenever you need to take backup and restore your email data. You should also make sure that the plug-in runs with Outlook or Excel.
  • The third and probably the easiest way to create backup of email is through third-party applications such as Windows Backup Wizard. Just open the program and click “Advanced”. Here, you will find lots of settings and options that help you to choose the best way to create backup of email. When you have chosen the best way to create backup of your email, just follow the instructions given there to take backup and restore your email data in the best way possible.
  • The fourth option that you can use is by using webmail account. You should open the webmail account and log into it. You will find the option of creating a backup in the main page. You should select the “backup” option from the right-hand navigation.
  • Another option that you can use is by installing third-party utility called Email Address Manager (ACE). This utility will help you to manage various kinds of mailboxes, such as; home, work, and online addresses. ACE is a web-based application which is easy to install, use and operate on any type of computer. After installation, you can use the utility to backup mails, attachments, and documents, which are located in different locations on your Email Migration Tool.

Email backup wizard is a web-based email backup software solution that will help you to easily retrieve, organize, and store all your emails, irrespective of their location. It will help you to protect your emails on any type of device including; laptops, desktop computers, PDAs, Apple iPhone, Blackberry and other mobile devices. It has a comprehensive database that will help you to find, restore and share all types of mails. The utility also helps you to download and delete all documents and attachments in the best way.

The Email backup Wizard can be used by downloading it from its official website and then following the instructions provided there to start working. This will help you to remove all viruses, malware, spam and other spyware from your machine in the best way possible. It will also help you to protect your emails and documents from being lost or stolen by hackers. As a result of installing this software, it will automatically start working within 2 hours after installation. Moreover, it also provides a comprehensive report about your entire system, so that you can easily trace, recover, restore and fix the errors and other problems.

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