Targeted Writing for Turkish Newspapers

Turkish Newspapers are a great source of information. However, the same thing can only be said about the English language newspapers too. While both have a wide readership among the general public, there is a subtle difference between the two. Let us look into this difference and discover why Turkey and England are such great Gazeteler.

The first thing that should be noticed when reading Turkish Newspapers is that they are not like the Indian or Pakistani newspapers where headlines are created based on some kind of wild imagination. It is the job of the Turkish Newspapers to keep their sources consistent. And that is exactly what they do in writing their headlines. There is no room for creative thinking here.

In the first place, keep in mind that the headline is a matter of public record. That means anyone can read it and take notice of it. Hence, you shouldn’t do something stupid like create your own headline, which you will later repent. Try to write simple, straightforward sentences that relay the news without so many words that will take your reader away from the current event. Turkish newspapers are written in English and as such most people who read them prefer the simpler languages than those that use too many technical terms.

Secondly, you need to make sure that you are not cheating anyone with your headlines. Most readers are not going to take much of a fuss if you happen to use a bit of invented terminology in your headlines. On the other hand, some readers would certainly not put your story in any decent position by reading it. Hence, you should try to make sure that the story that you want to tell is told in the clearest and best way possible. It would be very easy for someone to misread your article and come to the conclusion that you did a dab here and a dab there. Hence, make sure that you use the right words at the right time and don’t lose track of the story.

The third factor that you should pay attention to when writing up Turkish newspaper headlines is to ensure that they are not too long. Readers like to know what the rest of the story is about within the first three or four words. Too many words make an article look lengthy and monotonous. People who read news like this want information delivered in as little time as possible. If you keep your readers waiting too long for the next line, then chances are that you will lose them forever.

Your headlines should also be unique. Some people may already know about certain important points that you want them to know. This is great, especially when it comes to breaking news. However, if you are writing about a non-breaking news story, then it would be more advisable to mention some interesting facts that will get your readers interested with what you have to say.

An interesting, or even a bizarre, headline will immediately get your article noticed. Make sure that you use words like “interesting”, “bizarre” or “one of its kind” at the beginning of the piece so that readers will get enthused to read about your topic. You can use modifiers to describe such terms, such as “a real innovation”, “a breakthrough of scientific proportions” or “a mind-blowing experience”. These will make your headline’s even more interesting to read.

Turkish Newspapers are known to have a wide base of readers, which is why they tend to attract a lot of attention. This is not to say that other types of newspapers do not have this sort of audience. They may get many more clicks but most of them cannot boast about having such large circulations. Also, since Turkish newspapers are based out of smaller communities, there are more local words that might work well to describe the news you are writing about. For example, there are many words in Turkish that describe small communities. Using such words as” Tigris”, “Bayruses”, “Yarbes”, “Bursa” and “Odysis” may get your headlines accepted by many readers.

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