What We Know About Why Chainsaws Are Invented

If you Google why were chainsaws invented you will find out that in fact the device was originally developed for use in the meat industry, and this is some very scary information. What if we told you that there is even a type of “chainsaw lunatic” on the loose? Would you still buy it? It might be fun to swing by your local hardware store (already you’re looking for the newest model!) to test one out for yourself. Or, do you go to your local library (oh my, it’s time for a vacation! ).

Although it is true that chainsaws were first invented for the sole purpose of chopping down live animals, it is now used more for “raising” (cleaning up) properties in areas that see high human density, such as in states with a large amount of forested land. In fact, it is illegal in some areas to kill a deer without using a chainsaw. Not only do these high tech tools make the job of being a handyman much easier, but they are also quite effective, especially when it comes to clearing huge chunks of brush where people’s lawns used to be. Even tree felling tasks can be taken care of with one of these high-powered chainsaws.

There is one other reason why chainsaws were invented, and that is to make cutting firewood a lot easier, and a lot safer. Most homes that have a fireplace have a chain or two attached to the side of the fireplace; if all the smoke is blown out of the fireplace, it doesn’t look so bad. However, if that same fire is going to go into the house through a chain or extension chain…it becomes a lot safer. Chimneys and extension cords can be cut by an electric chainsaw just as easily as a wood-chopping wood-shaper. Even when you are trying to clean up the remains of a fire, a chainaw can get the job done much quicker and easier than a broom with extension covers.

Of course, one of the most famous uses for chainsaws has nothing to do with medicine or bones; it’s fashion. Chainsaws were originally created to aid lumberjacks in their work. They saw through the thick tough woods the lumberjacks were chopping down. They saw through the dense underbrush of the lumberjacks used. They saw through the smoke and the mud, the lumberjacks worked in.

Another reason why chainsaws were invented was to aid dentists. Dentists would use them to help with dental work, such as root canals and tooth extractions. The reason why a chainsaw was invented for the medical industry is because dentists found that their patients did not want to wait for the dentist’s chair to be cool enough to handle their cavities; they wanted to cut their teeth right then and there. Chainsaws were introduced to the dental industry and quickly became one of the most popular tools of choice for dentists everywhere.

One reason why chainsaws were invented for the medical industry was also because they were very handy in the birthing process. When women gave birth to their first child, they did not want to deal with any extra medical tools or equipment. It took time and a fair amount of effort to manually open a freezer to remove frozen placenta, open a surgical case to insert the baby, and manually open a casket to remove the deceased infant. With a chainsaw, all it took was one swift movement to get at the job done. This is why the first chainsaw model was born from an industrial accident in which someone needed to chop wood for a living.

In summary, we can tell you why a chainsaw was invented, but we can also tell you why it’s still popular today. People still like to use them, and they’re great for trimming fallen tree limbs so they can be disposed of properly. People still use chainsaws to cut wood and keep their landscaping neat and tidy. And, let’s face it, who wants to cut wood and put it in a casket anyway?

So, the next time you hear someone ask “Why were chainsaws invented?” consider that someone might have been standing in front of a freezer the whole time asking, “Why weren’t there chainsaws on this freezer?” Or they might have been chopping wood the whole time asking, “Why weren’t there chainsaws on that saw?” While the answer to both questions may not always be obvious, understanding the background of the tool and its place in human society helps us understand why they are so popular. Now, that you know a bit more about why chainsaws are so important, go out and get your own.

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