5 Tips for Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Getting more Instagram followers is one of the simplest things you can do for business marketing on Instagram. Get more Instagram followers by creating an engaging content-rich feed that grabs the reader’s attention. Grow your following, expand your influence, and enhance your brand through organically based marketing. Learn how to get more Instagram followers by building a niche within the network.

The first step to getting more Instagram followers is to choose a consistent aesthetic for your page. The best time to start promoting your business on Instagram is during the launch of new products or services. Brand new products that are being launched frequently will receive the most engagement from Instagram users since it gives the user the chance to become familiar with a company in a short period of time. A new product launching on the weekend or before holiday seasons may not have the same amount of engagement.

To ensure that you get the most out of your advertising efforts on Instagram, create content creation around a selected product, brand, or service. If your Instagram account already includes a number of high-quality images and videos, use them to provide context for your Instagram posts and make sure to update your feed with new photos and videos. Make sure that your Instagram account updates itself regularly with new content, so that users will know when there is new content available. You can also change your Instagram caption to point to the new content post, which will encourage users to click through to your feed. Use the hashtags in your post to encourage Instagram followers to tag their interactions with you.

The second step to get more Instagram followers is to work towards building a massive following. While this may seem paradoxical, the best way to attract a massive amount of people to your Instagram page is by having the largest following in the shortest amount of time. Many small businesses mistakenly think that they need to have a huge number of followers in order to be successful on Instagram, but the truth is, if you follow users that are interested in the products and services that you offer, you will have many followers who are also interested. To attract the attention of a large number of people, you do not necessarily need to have a million followers; you can instead have five hundred. This difference in the number of followers will help you draw in those people who are more likely to purchase items from your business.

The third step to drawing in more followers is by maintaining a consistent aesthetic on your page. If you fail to change your Instagram aesthetic at least once a week, your page will appear old and unappealing to many of your Instagram followers. While this does nothing to directly benefit your business, it will eventually damage your business. Be sure that you work hard to maintain a consistent aesthetic throughout your page, using different colors, different pictures, and different hashtags to promote your brand.

The fourth step to attracting more Instagram followers is by using Facebook to market your Instagram account. Like Facebook, there are many ways that you can post a photo or video of your business. For instance, you can put a link to your Instagram account at the end of a Facebook status, or you can create a fan page where you can promote your business through Facebook likes, comments, and shares. The value of these various social media outlets is that they allow you to reach a wide audience, as well as allow for your brand to be advertised in a unique way. Just be sure that your Facebook and Instagram accounts are regularly maintained, as they will help to attract more followers.

The fifth and final step is to use social media to engage your followers. This is best done through groups and communities, as these allow you to interact with other users. If your business has a page on its own social media network, you can encourage interaction within your group by encouraging conversations between your fans. If your brand has a blog, you can leave comments that other Facebook and Instagram users will notice, providing them with the opportunity to share your promotional message with their followers.

By following these steps, you will find that it is easier to attract more followers, as well as gain more engagement. Businesses who are serious about promoting themselves should consider using influencer marketing techniques to attract followers and to encourage interaction between those followers and their businesses. Remember, you have the power to shape the opinions and feelings of your followers. With the right strategy, you can gain their trust and their interest.

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