Is 24k Or 22k Gold Too Soft For Jewelry?

Is 24k or 22k Gold Too Soft for Jewelry? What is the difference between this metal and silver? Most ladies want to know the answers to these just a few questions when considering purchasing gold jewelry. Many factors affect how soft a gold piece of jewelry is, from age and quality to how it is hammered. However, there is one common factor that seems to affect all of them.

As mentioned above, many different metals are used in the manufacturing of jewelry. However, gold has the highest percent of alloy in comparison. In addition to alloy, gold contains traces of copper and nickel, as well as other metals. Due to its high percentage of alloy, jewelry made of gold requires a more elaborate design.

If you look closely, most gold jewelry has some finish applied to it. Finishes such as mirror polish, patent finish, and dial finish are often gold to bring out its natural beauty and luster. However, some may prefer a more subtle finish such as “milgrain” or bezel set. Regardless of which type of finish is chosen, the surface of the jewelry will become less susceptible to chipping and cracking over time.

Gold is a very soft metal. Its natural form is very malleable and can be molded into the most intricate designs. Unfortunately, this malleability also makes it vulnerable to scratches, marks, and heat damage. Over time, heat can cause the gold to change form, and the finish or design will disappear. For this reason, most fine gold jewelry must be stored in a protective environment, such as a coin box, leather pouch, or protected drawstring bag.

Is 24k or 22k gold too soft for everyday jewelry? This is an easy question to answer. As previously mentioned, gold is a soft white metal. It becomes more challenging when placed next to other metals, such as silver or platinum. It is hard enough to be used to make knives, but it becomes softer than sterling silver when combined with other metals. Because of its ability to change its form, it is one of the most durable materials in existence.

Another question many people ask about jewelry made from gold includes the issue of its durability. Gold is very durable, given that it is the only metal that does not have any byproducts that need to be refined before use. This means that the gold contained in any piece of jewelry will stay the same shape and color, even when worn every day. When a precious metal such as silver gets exposed to air, rust can form. Even with the extra cleaning and maintenance gold receives, it is still resistant to corrosion.

Finally, soft gold is hypoallergenic to many people. For those allergic to nickel, copper, or zinc, jewelry made from gold may help to alleviate an allergy. While this is not true with every type of gold, it is true for most. If you are unsure if a product you are thinking of buying contains hypoallergenic gold, check with the manufacturer.

It may seem like a no-brainer that gold is too soft for jewelry but the real question to ask yourself is, “is 24k or 22k gold too soft for jewelry?” Only you can determine the answer to this question based on your personal preferences. For those who want something durable and beautiful at the same time, then a white gold ring is a great choice. Whether you choose platinum, silver, or white gold, each metal has its unique beauty that cannot be found with any other metal.

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