Positive Money Affirmations – Making Money Yours

Financial affirmations can be one of the most powerful tools available to you. They are statements you repeat to yourself over again until they become a habit. These statements may be adapted from books like “The Secret”, or come straight from the subconscious mind. Financial affirmations are not just statements you tell yourself… they are also statements you live by. You want to develop a habit of repeating positive statements about money so that the subconscious part of your mind becomes familiar with them. This will help your mind to take your suggestions more seriously.

When you use a financial affirmation, you want to make sure the statement is positive and encourages you to take positive steps toward a desired end (like getting rich). To get the best effect from the affirmation, you should mix the affirmation with positive reinforcement. If you only tell yourself you will achieve a certain thing, it is unlikely you will follow through with your goals.

Financial affirmations can be used to keep track of your wealth. Say you have X amount of money and you want to put Y amount of money aside each week. With the use of financial affirmations you can keep track of how much you are spending and where it is going. Instead of burying your head in the sand and hoping your finances improve, you can vocalize your desires and see tangible results starting to happen.

Another aspect to making good use of financial affirmations is that they work as triggers to draw more negative thoughts into your conscious mind. By utilizing triggers, you are taking control of your subconscious thinking. For example, if you write a positive affirmation and keep it in front of you all day long, you will begin to see positive things happening in your life – you will attract the things that you want to attract. However, if you consistently listen to negative thoughts like “I don’t have enough,” “I don’t have enough money,” and “I can’t get ahead” you will continue to attract the exact opposite. By using the affirmation as a trigger you can deliberately replace the negative thoughts with more positive ones.

Another great aspect of financial affirmations is they work as an avenue for positive thinking. When you create a positive image of yourself, you will naturally be attracted towards the things that you want to do. By using the affirmation as a reminder, you will begin to see more clearly what it is you want to accomplish in life and how you can make money doing it. As you begin to manifest money you will become aware of all of the ways you were sending negative energy towards not making money. By replacing these negative thoughts with positive ones, you will soon have money in your hand.

It takes effort and patience to have a positive attitude and change your mindset. One way you can manifest money easily is by applying the power of positive thinking to attract financial affirmations. Having a positive attitude means you focus on the positive and ignore all of the negative things that come your way. When you focus on the positives, you will start to see more opportunities open up to you. The more you focus on the positive, the more you will attract the financial results you desire. You will start to think positively and this will make it easier for you to attract all of the things you want in your life and finances.

You will need to find the right financial affirmations to use in your manifesting efforts. The best affirmations to use will be those that have been previously spoken aloud in your head. This means the more you talk them out, the better the outcome you are sure to achieve. If you have never used them before, you will need to spend some time getting to know the saying and the mindset you should have before using it. Once you understand how to use these affirmations to manifest money, you will feel more confident when you are using them.

Manifesting your desires with financial affirmations will be made much easier if you start out focusing on the good things that will come into your life and finances. Being positive is the best way to stay on track towards making money and attracting abundance into your life and finances. So start practicing the saying “I will manifest money”.

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