Why Should I Choose Autocount Cloud Hosting?

Autoocentral Cloud-based payroll solution is a powerful feature-rich application that combines both HR & payroll modules with Payroll processing, automatic e-base reporting, comprehensive e-claimer, employee self service and many other HR admin tools. It greatly improves productivity and saves time for HR & Payroll personnel, individuals and personnel managers. AutoC Count Cloud’s mission is to empower people by building solutions for payroll and labor management. It helps organizations build better processes and strengthen the foundation of their autocount cloud.

The system allows users to import/export of payroll data from different sources such as online or Internet Explorer. It also supports custom payroll module with in built report creation, customization and printing capabilities. This system allows users to integrate all tools of payroll and labor management together for one centralized location.

Cloud reports. It offers customized built-in project accounting reports to manage daily and monthly activity from each department and sub-department. The system also integrates with Quickbooks and Seaentials. The inbuilt software supports Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions, Quickbooks Small Business, and Seaentials Small Business. The cloud also offers customizable charts and graphs for the accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Flexibility and Scalability. This tool allows you to create and store reports for every customer, vendor, partner and financial transaction in the company. This tool creates customized work flow plans for you which can be run weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Moreover, it provides additional functionality such as payroll integration, expense tracking, inventory control, and integration with third party shipping and handling services.

Built-in Report Builder. With the built-in report builder, you can quickly create custom reports that summarize key performance indicators. The system also lets employees enter information about their direct deposit and tabulate it through the browser.

Flexibility and Scalability. The system automatically calculates vacation hours. You can also easily adjust the time employees are available. Furthermore, the system allows you to run jobs during the week and distribute work load.

Support for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Oracle, and Solomon. Autocount Cloud is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP, Oracle, and Solomon. The system can connect to these systems via remote procedure called ‘awsgps connection.’ The system is also compatible with some Solomonians. It provides direct access to Solomonians which uses the Sharepoint tool.

Costing less than $500, the Cloud has proven to be very useful to many companies. For a more detailed technical description of the product, visit its website. To get your own copy, visit Amazon or Tigerdirect. Download it free trial first before purchasing. Learn more about Autocount Cloud here.

When setting up the Autocount Cloud, one has to make a company ID and password. The system automates the creation of schedule. This scheduling gives employees the freedom to take a break whenever they want. If an employee has no spare time, he/she will not have the freedom to attend to urgent calls. This prevents the need for the staff to work in a rush, resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

The system has an inbuilt scheduler that automatically generates and schedules the work load of each employee. It works on the principle of dividing an employee’s time into several small jobs that will be completed in a specific period of time. Each job is assigned a priority so that the work can be finished as quickly as possible. Furthermore, when employees want to take a break, they have to give their permission to the system.

The system also has built-in communication features. You can establish online and offline communication with the employees. You can send emails, post messages on online boards and chat with other team members. These activities help in reducing stress and maintaining positive working atmosphere. The team members are happy because they know that they can discuss work issues with their peers.

The system has been designed in such a way that it reduces the need for paper records. In other words, a single record can be maintained for all the team members. Every task is assigned a time limit. For example, it says that the team leader should finish this article within a specific time. All the records are kept online for easy access.

The Autocount Cloud is the best option for all companies and business houses. It helps in saving time, money and keeps your employees motivated. Moreover, it reduces the chances of any data loss. The software automatically sorts emails. This helps in getting rid of spam. It also alerts you in case there is any change in the schedule.

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