Faux Leather Fabric: A Soft Alternative to Real Leather

A faux leather fabric looks like real leather but it isn’t leather at all. It’s created from a plastic resin that imitates the look of real leather but doesn’t have the expensive price tag. But it’s much cheaper than real leather. In addition, because PVC can be molded into any shape imaginable, it’s frequently used as a fabric for window treatments and other furniture coverings.

While PVC faux leather fabric can mimic the look of leather better than any other synthetic material, it still isn’t authentic leather. Rather, it’s made from a plastic base material mixed with stabilizers, plastics, and lubricants. This type of faux leather fabric is typically thicker than its PVC-base counterpart, up to three times as thick.

One of the best uses for faux leather fabric is faux leather covering for the bottom of your vegetable basket or loafers. Using a white textile base on the bottom creates a look that’s similar to genuine leather, but it’s not the high-end investment you’d expect. A woven blend of 100% cotton yarn and water-based acrylic liquid is a great alternative for creating a smooth, durable base for any leather project.

You can use faux leather fabric in the same ways you’d use synthetic leather. Use it in place of a chair slipcover, on siding, a door handle, or even as part of the upholstery lining. Faux leather can really go far beyond the kitchen. No matter what room in your home you’re considering, there’s a faux leather fabric available to suit your needs.

Leatherette is one of the most popular faux leather fabric choices for furniture. It gives off an upscale look, and it can be used for all sorts of furniture. Whether your living room has a leather sofa or sectional couch, or if you want to add a seating area for a formal event, leatherette is the way to go. Leatherette provides a warm and welcoming feel, and it’s also a very easy fabric to care for. If you want an environmentally friendly leather alternatives, faux leather will deliver both style and a green thumb that’s good for your wallet and the environment.

Another popular faux leather fabric choice for upholstery is called twill. Used in high-end furniture around the country, as well as popular in upholstery in sports cars and boats, this fabric offers a unique style that’s readily recognizable. Originally, it was the fabric of choice for upholstery in boats and yachts, but it has gained popularity in recent years as a great leatherette alternative for a variety of furniture. Sporting a nice, natural grain, twill provides a soft cushion and a nice, roomy feel.

Synthetic leather, sometimes called nubuck, is a newer option for faux leather fabric. Unlike some of the older fabrics mentioned, synthetic leather is not from cattle. Instead, it comes from sheep that have been treated with certain chemicals. Although the practice is still relatively new, the synthetic leather material is making waves as a trendy fabric for high end furniture. Though the production processes are still somewhat raw, the material promises to make your furniture last longer, which is always a plus.

When it comes down to it, if you’re looking for a new way to give your home a boost, faux leather is a great choice. The durable fabric is easy to care for, doesn’t require too much maintenance and looks great. Best of all, faux leather is more affordable than real leather, making it a great value for anyone who’s looking for a new fabric for furniture. Although faux leather fabric doesn’t have the same degree of durability as real leather, the material is a great alternative if you want a softer look without sacrificing durability. So, if you’ve been searching, you might want to consider faux leather fabric instead of real leather. It’ll be a wise investment for years to come!

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