Old Lady Advice – The Power of Free Clean Jokes

Clean short jokes are a dime a dozen nowadays. People have lost their sense of humor. Funny t shirts have replaced niceties as a measure of social status. Everyone wants to be funny. But what’s the difference between being funny and being socially acceptable?

“Ethics,” said Harry, baby, remember when you went to that jewelry store and saw all those matching diamond necklaces and could not afford ’em, and then swore you would get them someday, so swear you would never be like that again? The funny part about that story is how often people think they are going to be funny. But, if only they could perceive the difference between “being yourself” and “pretending to be someone else.” Then maybe they would see how wrong they are. The same principle applies to clean short jokes.

When we hear or read dirty jokes, we may smile and nod our heads. We may laugh. But if we cannot laugh at ourselves then we will wallow in self-pity and be one with the pack without even realizing it. That’s why clean short jokes are so powerful.

When we watch or listen to somebody who is very popular, we want to be like that person. We want to act like him or her. But, if our life is filled with similar, dull, everyday humdrum experiences, how can we expect to be funny? The solution to this problem lies in learning how to do clean short jokes.

Let’s say there’s a famous and respected public figure. Let’s say that we all admire the nice clean short jokes that he or she uttered. Sooner or later we will have to learn how to tell him or her a few clean jokes. You see, a famous public figure is not likely to tell anyone a dirty joke. They will use the media to get famous jokes told about them.

So, what’s the solution? First of all, we must realize that we should not copy the jokes told by these well-known public figures. The reason for that is that in order to be humorous, our jokes must be unique. It must be one-of-a-kind funny clean jokes and not just something that could be found in a magazine.

The second thing we must do is find out where we can get some good fresh funny short jokes from. There are many excellent sources to find free funny short jokes. A few of the best include, yes you guessed it, the internet. Yes, the internet has become the premier distribution medium for a long time now.

I have personally managed to build a huge list of friends through the help of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. In fact, these sites are great for getting together with old friends from high school, college and beyond. So you see, it is not only possible to find fresh clean jokes but also to stay entertained for hours at a time. If you do it right, there is no reason why you cannot start having a healthy sense of humor.

The third and final step is to decide whether you want to send your funny clean jokes by e-mail or through a blog post. I recommend sending them by e-mail because you have more leeway with what you include in your e-mail. Plus, if you make a mistake and send something that could be offensive to someone, you can always delete it and try again. But on a blog, the temptation is greater because you have to include certain keywords or phrases so people can find your blog.

Once you have your list, the next step is to go ahead and make your selections. The biggest mistake people make is that they choose a blog to send their funny clean jokes to and then they find that they have already sent the same e-mail to someone else or they forget to send it at all. You have to be careful when choosing where you go back to for updates. For example, if you choose a newsgroup, you might find that other people who are in the newsgroup think the e-mail is funny and they want to share it with their friends. But you wouldn’t want to share it with the group you just joined!

So the first step is to make sure that you are selecting a list that is not very large so that you don’t become overwhelmed and lose the chance to forward anything that is good for you. But once you have a list, you can go back and make corrections as needed. Make sure to go back and check the grammar and spelling of the material first. That is really important because there is some evidence that even simple misspellings can have an effect on the effectiveness of what you send.

So if you have been looking for ways to keep yourself from getting too tired and add a little humor to your life, make sure to look at the free, clean jokes website. It is a very easy way to keep yourself sane and reduce stress. It is also a great way to socialize and meet new people. Who knows, maybe you will even meet a really old lady who would be glad to share some of her humor with you!

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