Great Book on Innovation Ideas – How to Discover Insanely Crazy New Invention Ideas

“Inventing Things: Thinking Up Things That Start Business, Create Value, and Last Forever” by Elton Musk, invest nine chapters helping you turn your list of invention ideas into reality. The nine chapters include: Ideas & Strategies, Mindset, Strategy, Market Research, Starting, Funding, and Operations. The main theme is that you should try and use the opposite of what people in the past used to do in order to achieve great success. You should not try and do what others did successfully because it may not be applicable to your situation. There are many things you can learn from this book including: Don’t be afraid to fail, failing isn’t a bad thing, you’re going to learn from your failures, and don’t be afraid to take risks when starting a new business InventHelp.

The main theme of this book is that you shouldn’t focus on being the inventor but focusing instead on being the innovator. Many times innovators go around and create a product or a process and then license it out to someone else who doesn’t have any idea what they are doing. This scenario is common and happens all too often. The authors point out that this is only one way that you can get into this field, however; it is a good way to get a jumpstart into thinking about innovations.

Mistakes New Inventors Make & How InventHelp Can Help You Avoid Them

Ideas & Strategies are basically chapters that explain the different ways you can develop new ideas for a business or for your own personal use. Some interesting examples include: recycling ideas from other sources, playing with different cultures, and getting out into the community to meet local people. Each chapter ends with a review of the chapter and includes the suggested reading. The book is very short and just covers a few ideas. I felt that the book had some good advice in it, but overall, was not very helpful in developing ideas & Invent Help.

Strategy & Mindset focus on one concept that should not be ignored: if an entrepreneur can not think, he cannot lead. Henry Ford was a master of marketing; however, he had trouble thinking strategically. As a result, he lost everything and got fired from his first manufacturing job. He restarted at Ford and kept his mind on the business at hand, however; it was clearly to take a new approach in manufacturing that would help him be more support from InventHelp.

One thing that stood out to me was that the entire book was about vision and mindset, something I see so much of in the tech industry. The story was about implementing new ideas & strategy to solve problems in new ways, while applying a mind set that was geared to new challenges. This is not one of those books I recommend reading over again to keep an open mind, but rather, to dive in & implement ideas that will serve you best. In this case, the stories were very relevant and inspiring.

Thinking innovatively & having a vision is key. Thinking of an invention ideas is simple, but finding a way to turn those ideas into reality can be a little more difficult. This is why reading these chapters & following the strategies outlined by these great entrepreneurs & inventors is so important. These are the guys that know what they’re talking about when it comes to coming up with new strategies and bringing those strategies to market.

With so many ideas & concepts being produced every day, it’s tough to get your share of the market. However, if you come up with a simple, yet compelling idea that can be applied to solve a problem, then you’ve just given yourself an edge above all of your competitors. Reading these great stories is a quick way to get that edge, as they basically act as a how-to guide with an easy-to-follow plan. I also noticed that they make sure to keep the story short, so the reader doesn’t lose interest before the concept is fully explained.

The bottom line is that reading these books is incredibly motivational and educational. These entrepreneurs experienced exactly what you’re reading right now, which is why they were able to create such amazing ideas. Now it’s your turn to read their books & take what they have to say to action. Start researching various methods of innovation, & don’t be afraid to put pen to paper & brainstorm with others. The more knowledge you have under your belt, the better equipped you’ll be to create your own new inventions that will change the world for the better.

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